TV Broadcaster Says She Was “Spied On” At Hotel Room

( ESPN broadcaster Rachel Nichols said that leaked audio of her that led to her leaving the sports network was obtained by someone who had spied on her in her hotel room, according to Mediaite.

Nichols, speaking to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on Showtime’s All the Smoke podcast, spoke about her time at the network, which she left to eventually join Showtime Basketball as a sportscaster and host, marking her first NBA-focused gig since leaving ESPN for NBC Sports.

“I was being told, well, you’re not a team player, which any woman in business knows is code, right?” she said when ESPN asked her to step aside hosting the NBA finals. “Women are supposed to be kumbaya. and team players. and helpful; men are aggressive sharks and all of that.”

Nicholas then spoke about the leaked audio of her while she was in her hotel room, alleging that someone was able to record her because of a live wire that was in the room as a result of equipment provided for remote broadcasting during COVID.

“I didn’t know that if you leave a particular app running in the background, that the line from my hotel room looking into my hotel room to Bristol would stay open,” she said, adding that she was unpacking and making calls without anyone saying anything.

“At least one person decided to just sit and watch and started spying on me like I was their own personal television show,” she said. “When they heard something they thought was, you see, they picked up their cell phone and they started recording my conversation on their cell phone.”

Nichols also said that the person who recorded her sat on it for a year to presumably use it as leverage in their own negotiations with the network.