Tucker Reveals Topics He’s Too Afraid To Cover

The 2020 presidential election was a hotly contested contest between the former 45th President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. While the election occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, there were several issues that had major sway over the direction in which voters cast their ballots. Allegations of censorship and voter disinformation were made following the election, specifically in relation to a start published by the New York Post. The post had released an article claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop (owned by the son of Joe Biden) had been found with incriminating evidence on it. Twitter removed the story from its social media network and others claimed it to be false journalism. This all occurred just days before the election.

Months later, the statements were retracted, and the story was deemed true. Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla, became a vocal advocate for free speech and stood against the censorship that Twitter and other social media platforms had orchestrated against those on the right of the political spectrum (including the president Donald Trump). Musk eventually bought Twitter and changed the name of the platform to “X”, and subsequently laid off many employees in an attempt to restructure the company and make it profitable. Unfortunately, in his first year of ownership, it has been reported that Musk lost billions of dollars.

It appears that big tech may not be the only promoters of censorship. The former host from the Fox News network Tucker Carlson has stated that he is scared to cover a few topics due to the fact that “soul crushing” discoveries could be made that would completely change the narrative of some stories. In an interview on “Redacted with Clayton Morris”, Carlson stated that there were two particular topics that he would be hesitant to cover. One was the 2020 presidential election, and the other surrounded the veracity of UFO reports and the realities of alien or extraterrestrial life.