Tucker Carlson Video In “Hot Water” From Radical Left

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The teaser for Tucker Carlson’s upcoming Fox News documentary on testosterone levels has elicited a range of interesting responses due to its apparent homoerotic overtones.

The upcoming Tucker Carlson Originals documentary “The End of Men” trailer features a slew of shirtless, toned men wrestling, cutting wood, and firing canola oil with a machine gun.

In an interview, Carlson stated that COVID-19 will emasculate males and that US military immunization standards were created to filter out and exclude men with high testosterone levels.

The trailer also mentions unforeseeable adversity, ultimately producing “guys strong enough to endure” and “reestablish order.” In recent portions of their broadcasts, Carlson and other Fox News commentators have discussed manliness and the perception that guys are becoming less “manly.”

The film examines the “complete collapse” of testosterone levels in males, shown in medical investigations but attributed to aging and other comorbidities.

Twitter users were quick to point out that the teaser, which focuses a lot on the men’s bodies and their intimate proximity, seemed homoerotic.

The clip elicited a response from George Takei, the openly gay actor of “Star Trek.”

“This is so gay.”

Some users even went so far as to include songs like the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” to the mix, which has been generally perceived as a song about homosexual men.

“Can this thing even be real?” is the prevailing question on social media.
According to Snopes, mostly.
“The viral, 49-second clip was entirely authentic and was taken from a real trailer, which was posted to Carlson’s website on April 15,” the myth-busting website reports.
The modified version left out crucial explanatory framing and context that was given in the original and created the slightly deceptive impression that Carlson’s video comprised exclusively of muscular, half-dressed guys displaying their physical prowess.