Tucker Carlson Takes On Dr. Fauci’s Stateism: “I Am The State”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The legendary Fox News host Tucker Carlson once again took aim at Lord Fauci, the Mr. Science himself, the know-it-all tyrant from the NIAID, for all of his alleged claims and inconsistencies about COVID-19, reported the Daily Caller.

Carlson charged Fauci with making several erroneous claims about the virus and the vaccines in order to “give more power” to the Biden administration. “Tony Fauci has been consistent on one point, one point really only,” Carlson said. “And that is that you need to give more power to the Biden administration. His patrons.”

He then played a recent clip of the COVID overlord saying that there needed to be more restrictions to prevent asymptomatic individuals from transmitting the virus. The remakrs come amid the CDC changing their guidelines to effectively dissolve any difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, including lessening the restrictions for those who contracted the virus, such as allowing students to go to school who have been exposed to the virus and removing quarantine as a suggestion for those who contracted it.

“Much more stringent restrictions,” Carlson continued. “We’re not Sigmund Freud, but if you don’t note a little sexual pleasure, he said stringent restrictions. You’re blind to the obvious. But all of it is fake, totally fake. It’s been studied. Researchers at Johns Hopkins admitting that lockdowns didn’t actually work. They did ruin people’s lives for no reason whatsoever.”

Carlson then showed more footage of Fauci making remarking back in June and November 2021 where he said that critics of him are critics of science. Mr. Science himself is resigning his position at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and from advising the White House at the end of this year. Unfortunately, Carlson notes, some people do not get to have a peaceful retirement as the DOJ and FBI goes after former president Trump.

Republican and conservatives have speculated that Fauci stepping down might be to avoid an investigation into his handling of the pandemic and gain-of-function research after Republicans are projected to take over Congress come this November.