Tucker Carlson Says Mental Illness, Not “Right-Wing Rhetoric,” Is Behind Mass Shooter’s Killing Spree

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Tucker Carlson dismissed the notion that the 18-year-old White teenager who reportedly murdered ten Black people at a Buffalo grocery store was motivated by “hateful right-wing speech.”

Carlson has been critical of the media’s response to the massacre on Saturday.

The Fox News anchor attacked a domestic terrorism law passed by the House the day before on Thursday. It would increase government resources dedicated to countering domestic terrorism. In 2020, the House passed a similar bill, but it was blocked in the Senate.

Carlson slammed the measure, claiming that it doesn’t define “White supremacy” and that quoting Martin Luther King Jr. might lead to someone being labeled a White supremacist.

He showed a video of legislators supporting the measure and said that you should realize that their understanding of those phrases is probably different from yours.

Carlson said that If you quote Martin Luther King Jr., whose statue stands on the mall, and say that the US government should treat people based on who they are and what they do rather than how they look and how they were born, that people should be judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin – if that’s your position, you’re a White supremacist, according to the people you just saw.

He believes that is terrifying.

He then cited mental illness for the shooting.

Carlson said that they’re still telling you, despite all the evidence, that the mass murder you saw over the weekend in Buffalo was inspired by hateful right-wing rhetoric when, in fact, that mass murder was committed by someone with diagnosed mental illness which the adults around him ignored.

While the suspect is said to have received a psychiatric assessment at a hospital last year, no information about whether he was diagnosed with a mental condition has been made public.

Carlson then stated that the law is just a cover for suppressing dissent.

He said that we saw a shooting by a crazy person, and the horrific event has been hijacked by partisan forces in order to crush political dissent and attack civil liberties.

You should care about that,” Carlson concluded.