Tucker Carlson Says COVID Cult Is The New Religion In America

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Monday night, Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue was a blistering criticism of what he called America’s new religion — the “cult of coronavirus.”

Faith isn’t dead; it just shifted to “faith” in “science.”

Tucker’s monologue was prompted by a speech New York’s new Governor Kathy Hochul delivered at a church over the weekend where she praised God for giving us the COVID vaccine and urged the congregants to become “my apostles” who will go out and spread the Gospel according to Pfizer.

And see, Kathy Hochul doesn’t wear a cross around her neck. No sir. She wears the new sacred symbol of the “cult of coronavirus,” a “VAXXED” necklace.

Move over, Saint Fauci. Our Lady of the Sacred Jab is here to take your place.

Tucker hits it all – the Fauci prayer candles, the nativity scenes with Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus all wearing masks.

It is genuinely the best Tucker Carlson monologue ever.

Give it a watch HERE.

Tucker’s closing this monologue by discussing Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine is pure genius. Science wasn’t always seen as a religious faith. But today that is most certainly what it has become.

“I believe in science.”

“Trust the scientists.”

These are not the words someone who truly respects science would ever utter.

But it isn’t “science;” it has transformed into “scientism.”

Believers in Scientism, fueled by a near-religious fervor, view people who are not of the faith as “deniers.”

Scientism is the reason a high school dropout from Sweden and an 80-year-old lifetime government bureaucrat have been elevated to near-sainthood. Like every other religious figure, you are not permitted to question or criticize Greta Thunberg or Tony Fauci. To do so is heresy.

None of this is “science.”

Last spring in the heart of the pandemic, columnist Daniel Greenfield penned a column for Front Page Magazine titled “Stop Believing in Science.” Greenfield points out that when science is used “to signal virtue and provide certainty,” it is no longer science, but “a hollow religion.”

Read Greenfield’s column. It is an excellent companion piece to Tucker’s brilliant monologue.