Tucker Carlson Blasts “Nazi Race Science” On National TV

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Fox News Host Tucker Carlson blasted California’s plan to give reparations to black Americans as “Nazi race science,” according to The Daily Wire. The host criticized the way the plan would determine who qualifies for the program.

During one of his segments, Carlson argued that because so much time had passed since the end of slavery, DNA tests and ancestral records would be required to determine what black Americans are related to slaves.


Governor Newsom created a task force in 2020 to determine where the reparations will be allocated, according to American Pigeon. 2.8 million African Americans living in California, who make up less than six percent of the state’s population will reportedly be eligible for reparations. The five areas the task force is looking into include, “housing discrimination, mass incarceration, unjust property seizures, devaluation of black businesses, and health care.”

“It’s been a long time—it’s been more than 150 years since slavery,” Carlson said, noting that since then many children are mixed-race.

“So at this point, there are plenty of white people in America who are descended from slaves, and there are plenty of black people in America who are descended from slave owners,” he said, adding that the only way to find out who really qualifies for reparations is by implementing a “Nazi race science” plan.

Nkechi Taifa, an attorney and founder and director of the Reparation Education Project, reportedly worries that white people might be entitled to receiving compensation as well, saying that they could take advantage of events like rape to claim black ancestry.

Jovan Scott Lewis, a task force member, and a professor at the University of California, Berkeley says that there will not be a race-based requirement to be eligible for reparations, but one has to prove that they were a victim of institutional racism, adding that it will be hard for whites to make that argument.