Trump’s Son Says It’s “WAR” Over American Flag, We’ll Fight

( Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, has always been known as the quieter and more polished of the Trump sons, with Donald Trump Jr. known for his trolling and outspoken nature. But in a recent interview with Newsmax, Eric Trump made it clear that he is ready to fight for American patriots and said that he is ready to fight a war for the American flag against left-wing radicals.

Discussing the news that the fireworks over Mount Rushmore had been canceled for July 4, despite the pandemic being effectively over, Trump said that there is a war on patriotism and the flag and argued that the Democrats are aiming to get rid of the national anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the line, “under God.”

You can watch the interview here.

Trump said that the attacks on the flag constitute a “war on this country” and that it’s one of the reasons his father ran to be the commander in chief. He added that it’s also one of the reasons why he won.

Eric Trump told news anchor Carl Higbie that people are “sick and tired” of the “nonsense” and said that he wished college students – who were recently seen in a video describing the United States as “oppressive” – knew how incredible the United States is.

The son of the former president also pointed out tweets made by far-left members of Congress, including Rep. Cori Bush, slamming the Fourth of July as a holiday that represents freedom only for white people.

Bush even claimed in the tweets that Black people aren’t free.

Towards the end of the interview, Trump hinted that his father might be looking at taking another run for the White House in the future, but said that he isn’t doing it for himself.

“My father doesn’t need this job,” he said, adding that he ran because his family loves the United States and will “never stop fighting” for the country.

Maybe Eric Trump should run one day, too!