Trump’s Lawyer Ordered To Vet 1,500 Pages A Day In Major Decision

( On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that former President Donald Trump’s attorney must hand over more than 1,500 pages of records every business day to the ultra-partisan House Committee that claims to be investigating the origins of the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C. Trump was also ordered to hand over unprivileged documents that were requested by the far-left legislators on the panel.

Central California United States District Court Judge David Carter ordered Trump attorney John Eastman to start handing over the documents as of Friday last week, with any privileged documents handed directly to the judge.

The documents will then be reviewed by the judge if they are still requested by the committee to determine whether or not they should be made available to the politicians.

It comes as the far-left committee, which contains only anti-Trump legislators who push the conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump incited a “violent insurrection” on Capitol Hill, requests privileged documents from the Trump administration. After finding zero evidence to support their claim that President Trump incited or promoted violence, the committee now seems intent on using their power to access privileged documents to harm the former president in any way they can.

In his ruling, the judge wrote that the attorney must use an “electronic discovery program to facilitate efficient production and privilege log creation.”

And if you thought that a judge siding with this far-left panel, blatantly ignoring the fact that former President Donald Trump’s communications are privileged, then consider this:

This judge has ruled in favor of the committee for three consecutive days.