Trump’s Lawsuit Reportedly Expected To Fail

( Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James, who initially filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization and his three children—but that is expected to fail “bigly,” according to a report by the defense and national security website 19FortyFive.

The suit was called a “tirade” by The New York Times and was reported as “hotly opposed by several of [Trump’s] longstanding legal advisers, who attempted an intervention hours before it was submitted to a court.”

But ultimately, Trump’s offensive strategy when it comes to dealing with his enemies proved to win in the end and it was filed anyway.

James first filed a civil lawsuit against the former president, three of his children, and others, alleging “years of financial fraud to obtain a host of economic benefits.” Trump denied the allegations and called it a politically motivated attack, striking back with a lawsuit of his own alleging that James contravened New York and Florida law to wage a “war of intimidation and harassment” against him and his interests.

Those closest to Trump reportedly opposed his lawsuit because it was “frivolous and would fail.” Trump’s general counsel also said that it would be “committing malpractice.”

Trump, who claims James’ suit trespassed his right to privacy in Florida, called her out saying that while she “does nothing to protect New York against these violent crimes and criminals, she attacks great and upstanding businesses.”

The attorney general’s suit was the result of a three-year-long investigation into the Trump Organization. She alleges that the organization overvalued its assets by billions of dollars and therefore committed “staggering” fraud. The purpose of the lawsuit is to prevent Trump, Trump Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, from ever doing business in the state again.

What makes his filing “frivolous,” according to Gerald Greenberg, a partner at a Florida law firm, is that it reads as such. One passage reads as though Trump himself wrote it:

“As a private company, nobody knew very much about the great business that then-businessman Donald Trump had built, but now it is being revealed by James and much to her chagrin…the continuing witch hunt that has haunted and targeted Donald Trump since he came down the ‘golden escalator’ at Trump Tower in June of 2015 continues.”