Trump’s Indictment In Florida Puts Him On Friendly Ground

Last Thursday, the Justice Department indicted former President Donald Trump on 37 counts, including 31 counts of “Willful Retention of National Defense Information” and 6 other counts including obstruction and making false statements.

The 49-page indictment, which was unsealed on Friday, was filed in the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida in Miami.

The indictment is related to special counsel Jack Smith’s ongoing probe into the former president, it wasn’t until last week that it was reported that Smith was using a second grand jury in Miami to question witnesses on Trump’s handling of classified documents that he removed from the White House when he left office.

Trump is expected to be arraigned in the Miami federal courthouse on Tuesday.

In a post on Truth Social last Thursday night, Trump revealed that he was to appear in federal court in Miami after being indicted “over the Boxes Hoax.”

According to Just the News, unlike the jury pool that will hear the case from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Miami jury will likely be more sympathetic to the former president as the city is home to a large population of Cubans who fled political persecution.

While the Cuban population of Miami may afford Trump a more unbiased jury pool than what he will find in Manhattan, it is wise to remember that it was a Miami grand jury that recommended that Trump be indicted in the first place.

According to Just the News, Trump may also benefit from the case being assigned to US District Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump nominee.

However, there have already been calls for Cannon to recuse herself from the trial due to her prior handling of the case involving appointing a special master to review the documents seized from Mar-a-Lago in the FBI’s raid last August.