Trump’s Fight Gets Much Tougher After Meadows Immunity Deal

On Sunday, GOP contender Chris Christie commented that the legal challenges facing former President Trump concerning the January 6th incident have intensified, especially after his ex-chief of staff, Mark Meadows, agreed to an immunity deal.

“On CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ Christie stated, “It’s unrealistic for Donald Trump to think he can challenge [President Biden] successfully from a courtroom in Washington, D.C., especially with the ongoing January 6 indictment against him.”

“He added, “This legal battle became even more challenging for him once his former chief of staff acquired immunity. Meadows will now provide testimony against Trump, shedding light on the misinformation spread after January 6 and revealing the internal conversations confirming Trump’s election loss.”

ABC News recently reported that Meadows, in collaboration with special counsel Jack Smith, acquired an immunity deal to present his testimony to a grand jury regarding the election interference allegations. The report confirmed that Meadows appeared before the grand jury multiple times, highlighting that post the 2020 election, he consistently informed Trump that the widespread fraud accusations had no foundation.

Christie had earlier indicated to Trump the potential implications of this unfolding scenario, noting last week that the ex-president should be highly concerned about these events.
Furthermore, Christie criticized Trump on Sunday for not fulfilling his commitments during his initial term. He remarked, “Considering he couldn’t achieve his goals in his first term even with a competent team, it’s hard to imagine his second term. The only individuals willing to collaborate with him might be those with questionable credentials.”

With his background as a former federal prosecutor, Christie has a deep understanding of cases of this nature.

The ex-governor of New Jersey, now competing with Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, expressed his concerns to GOP voters about backing a candidate who might eventually face imprisonment as a convicted felon.

With charges related to an alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election, Trump’s federal trial is set to commence in March. This timeline is notable as it falls after key Republican delegate events in states like Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, which could potentially secure the nomination for the former president.