Trump’s Comeback Could Have A Huge Side Effect

( In an opinion column at, professor Robert Farley considers the impact both a Republican victory in the midterm elections and a possible Republican victory in the 2024 presidential election would have on the war in Ukraine, especially if Donald Trump runs again.

Farley points out that a lot of former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy remains “at odds” with most of the Republican party and suggests that the differences between Trump and the rest of the GOP “are consequential for what the foreign policy of the next Republican President might look like.”

He notes that the former president tended to be “uniquely friendly with foreign autocrats” like Vladimir Putin and suggests that it isn’t clear if a different Republican president “could develop the same appeal and rapport.”

Farley claims that the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House could “throw the politics of NATO engagement with Ukraine in question” and could disrupt “the status of any negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow.”

Farley surmises that Russia might use a possible Trump return to delay any negotiations with Ukraine hoping it would get a better deal under Trump.

Of course, this only makes sense if the current administration was trying to mediate negotiations between Ukraine and Russia now. The Biden administration isn’t doing diddly-squat to negotiate an end to this war.

Farley suggests that there are reasons to think Donald Trump would be a “uniquely weak general election candidate” which would make it hard for the rest of the world “to know what to expect from the United States.”

The rest of the world already doesn’t know what to expect. It isn’t as if the Biden administration has been some kind of steady hand in foreign affairs.

In the end, Farley concludes that Donald Trump has a lot of headwinds that could prevent him from returning to the White House, and many of those will “play out” before the war in Ukraine comes to an end.

In short, Trump might get indicted by the DOJ and a “successful prosecution” might prevent him from running in 2024.

Read Farley’s column HERE.