Trump Would Wipeout Joe Biden In Georgia 2020 Rematch, Poll Finds

( A new poll just confirmed something that pretty much everybody already knows: former President Donald Trump would completely annihilate President Joe Biden in a 2024 rematch.

The former president has a massive lead over President Joe Biden in a hypothetical rematch on a national basis – confirmed by a plethora of polls already – but a new poll from Georgia shows particularly interesting results.

The survey, performed by Blueprint Polling, showed Trump with 51.6% support in the state of Georgia. And if you were thinking that’s barely more than half…President Joe Biden had only 36.8% support in the state.

Biden won Georgia in 2020, but not without controversy. Trump won the state easily in 2016, but the state voted for Joe Biden in 2020 – presuming that the election results are legitimate. With reports of election fraud and misconduct in the state – not to mention the chain-of-custody issues with ballots left at drop boxes and other unsecured locations – it’s hard to really know what happened.

Nonetheless, this latest poll shows Trump in a good position to win again in 2024 if he were to be chosen as the Republican nominee.

Some 9.9 percent of voters told the pollsters that they were still undecided about who they would vote for in 2024, and barely four percent said that they would support a third-party candidate.

Trump also had a lead over Biden when it came to college-educated voters, with 46.1% to Biden’s 43.4%. The former president leads massively among non-college-educated voters, with 51.9% to Biden’s 32.5%.

Not even two years on the job, and President Joe Biden has already lost the support of states that he won in 2020.