Trump Urges Christians to Vote, Implies Biden Won’t Defend Values

Adamant that the current government of Joe Biden represents a grave danger to Christian principles, Donald Trump, the former president, is urging Christians to use their right to vote in November.

Trump encouraged conservative Christians to get out the vote and restore voter integrity as he spoke at the Road to Majority event in Washington, D.C., hosted by the Faith & Freedom Coalition. He stressed that citizens had the power to monitor their own voting.

The former President lauded the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s efforts and called for Christians to vote, saying that Christians should do so more often than they now do. He vowed to restore America’s greatness if reelected and pledged to fix problems when in office. In a line from his time on The Apprentice, Trump urged Christian voters to come out in record numbers so they could tell Joe Biden, “You’re fired.”

Trump said that Christians cannot afford to be silent or let their spirits drop because the extreme left shames, silences, and demoralizes them. He drew parallels between the policies of the Biden administration and those of a dictatorship in a thirdworld country, pointing out the government’s disregard for the rule of law, its vilification of pro-life Americans, and its push for extreme gender ideology in educational institutions. Trump also brought up the persecution of American Catholics by the Biden administration and questioned why they were being attacked. During Biden’s tenure, the FBI was allegedly involved in unlawful surveillance of Catholics, with the help of left-wing think groups that labeled them as dangerous radicals driven by race or ethnicity.  

Mark Houck and other pro-life Catholics have been persecuted for breaches of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) by Biden’s Justice Department. Houck had already agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, but almost twenty FBI agents armed with automatic weapons and wearing riot gear stormed his home and arrested him as his family watched.

He was quickly acquitted.

Despite Biden’s Catholic faith, he has been widely criticized by Catholic leaders for his stances on moral issues, such as transgenderism, same-sex marriage, and abortion.

According to Trump, the extreme left will never stop targeting religious believers, and the reason is that we are not allegiant to them. We pledge our undivided devotion to God and our nation. We are not beholden to the Washington bureaucracy but rather to God in Heaven.