Trump Tower Vandalized With Nasty Message


A doctored video that first made the rounds back in 2019 once again cropped up last week on Twitter, posted by someone called PaulLahticks (aka “politics”). And once again, people are falling for it.

The video purportedly shows a Greenpeace banner with a vulgar message being unfurled at the tippy-top of the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

The only problem is that the video is fake.

The creator of the video acknowledged in February that it was not authentic, adding that he had created five different versions of the clip back in 2019.

On top of that, another version made the rounds in February 2020 after Trump’s first impeachment in which the banner read, “Trump is impeached forever.”

The Associated Press fact-checked the video in 2019, concluding that it was False and explaining that the banner was digitally added to the side of Trump International. In that instance, it was tweeted out by someone going by the name PaulLidicul (AKA “political”).

In a February 2022 fact-check after the phony video went viral again, Reuters spoke with the creator who conceded he filmed the Trump International Hotel and later added the banner, creating various iterations of the message.

Reuters confirmed with Greenpeace that the Trump Tower “banner” had nothing to do with them.

Ya think?

The clip is so obviously a fake. But, as PT Barnum famously said, there’s a sucker born every minute.

And despite the video variations being repeatedly debunked over the last three years, whenever one of them goes viral on social media, there are still plenty of suckers out there willing to fall for it.