Trump Supporters Launch New Operation To Change Election Rules

( In a hyper-dramatic, fearmongering article, USA Today regurgitates the details from a “report” by a group of Leftwing “voting rights” nonprofits that claim “Donald Trump-style” lawmakers from over 30 states are pursuing legislation that “basically” makes it easier to steal elections.

Whenever a writer uses the word “basically,” that’s a red flag.

“Basically,” in this case, means “not really, but the truth isn’t dramatic enough.”

For people who believe in maintaining election integrity, the news that over 30 state legislatures are pursuing laws that secure our free and fair elections is a reason to celebrate.

But for USA Today and so-called “voting rights” groups, it’s “basically” the worst thing that could happen. To them, securing elections amounts to “election subversion” and a “dangerous attack on democracy.”

In the last year, 33 states have considered about 229 bills, 50 of which have been enacted in 14 states.

Unsurprisingly, USA Today blames this push to secure our elections and prevent voter fraud on “Trump and his allies.”

Rather than challenge a word of the report written by three left-leaning groups, USA Today unquestioningly accepts their histrionic claims as fact.

These “voting rights” claim Republicans are trying to commit “election subversion” by “giving partisans more control over the election process.”

Really? You mean like the partisans funded by Mark Zuckerberg during the 2020 election?

Well, we can’t know what they mean because USA Today conveniently excludes any examples. You’re just supposed to take their word for it. And what examples do get provided are wildly misinterpreted.

For example, the “voting rights” groups believe Florida creating a law enforcement operation responsible for investigating election fraud is designed to “create this air of intimidation.”

That’s not a report; that’s mind-reading.

Voter fraud is against the law. Having a specified group of police to handle claims of voter fraud isn’t “intimidation;” it’s “enforcing the law.”

The breathless accusations and outlandish conclusions are laughable. And yet USA Today takes all of it seriously.

On the outside chance that you want to bother reading Democrat propaganda, you can read the entire USA Today piece HERE.