Trump Supporter Charlie Kirk Reveals Alleged Killer Of Ashli Babbitt

( Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk made himself a target on Sunday when he told Sunday Morning Futures that the officer who killed protester and military veteran Ashli Babbitt was Lt. Michael Byrd.

The identity of the officer who killed Babbitt, who did not pose a threat and was not exhibiting violent behavior during the January 6, Washington, D.C. protest, was originally protected by a court.

Conservative news outlet The Gateway Pundit was among the first of the alternate media outlets to name the police officer regardless, and last week, Capitol Hill’s Sergeant at Arms Timothy Blodgett accidentally named Byrd as the shooter.

You can see the slip up in the clip below:

It was perhaps this that inspired Kirk to be the first person to name Babbitt’s alleged killer on TV.

During an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Kirk referenced Real Clear Politics and Real Clear Investigations, describing how it’s “pretty certain” that Lt. Byrd killed Babbitt. He also speculated that more information about Babbitt’s death is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

You can see the interview with Bartiromo here:

Kirk has to be pretty brave to do this.

Already, far-left activists are shocked that Kirk would name the officer, ironically forgetting that left-wing activists have repeatedly put targets on the backs of police officers who have shot violent criminals.

Left-wing pundit Kelly Scaletta asked in response, “Why are you trying to get this cop murdered?”

Do left-wing activists like Scaletta any self-awareness at all?

If you missed the Real Clear Investigations reveal of the identity of Babbitt’s killer, the outlet explained how video footage showed an African American man wearing a business suit, a beaded bracelet, and a lapel pin. The investigative outlet added that the images match up with photographs of Byrd that day.

You can read the investigative report here.