Trump Says U.S. Going To “Hell”

( In a response to the news that Kentucky Derby winner “Medina Spirit” failed a drug test, President Trump released the following statement:

“So now even our Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit, is a junky. This is emblematic of what is happening to our Country. The whole world is laughing at us as we go to hell on our Borders, our fake Presidential Election, and everywhere else!”

While a “junky” horse might not be the most emblematic example of America’s decline, Trump isn’t wrong when he says things in America are going to hell.

Joe Biden has been President of the United States for just over one hundred days. Inflation is rising, the cost of energy, durable goods, groceries are climbing. According to the National Association of Home Builders, lumber prices alone have increased 80% since mid-April.

In North Carolina, gas lines – once commonplace during the Carter years — have returned thanks to a cyberattack against the Colonial Pipeline.

Oddly, back in December, President-Elect Biden vowed to make cybersecurity a top issue in his Presidency.

“Our adversaries should know that as president, I will not stand idly by in the face of cyber assaults on our nation,” the President-elect said.

Another promise broken.

Despite this attack on US infrastructure, the Administration looking to pass a massive infrastructure bill seems unwilling to take the lead on this cyberattack.

Trump is right when he says the world is laughing at us. Who wouldn’t laugh seeing the President of the United States – the man who should convey American strength to the world — hiding behind a mask during a Zoom call with world maskless leaders?

As far as the border goes, it’s been 48 days since Biden tapped his VP Kamala Harris to deal with the crisis roiling at the Southern border. And in 48 days, the only thing Harris has done is blame the sudden influx of illegal aliens on “the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience.”

We’re only one hundred days in to this feckless Administration. Trump is right. We are going to hell; and apparently we’re taking the express lane.