Trump Says “Rotten Fruit” Put Him In Danger, In Bizare Court Filing

( Tomatoes. Pineapples. Bananas. To some, these are harmless pieces of fruit that go well in a salad or cut up and sprinkled on cereal. You may have done so today, carefree. But have you ever considered the fruits’ darker, malevolent aspect? Trump has a serious, urgent message.
The former president said in a deposition released in court on Tuesday that tomatoes, pineapples, and bananas are deadly weapons that may kill. Moreover, he maintained that bringing such weapons to one of his rallies justified beating them up. One of the protesters said Trump’s chief of security, Keith Schiller, slapped him in the head while outside the company’s Manhattan headquarters in 2015. While the then-presidential candidate was not there at the time, the plaintiff’s lawyers sought to question him about his staffers’ actions.
The lawyers then brought up a 2016 campaign event when Trump said if you see someone about to throw a tomato, just knock the crap out of them. When asked why, Trump said his campaign was warned that someone would throw fruit, which put him on edge.
Trump said that they were prepared. That day, an alarm went out. He wanted folks ready because they were told that protestors would throw fruit.
Trump said that some fruit is worse than others. Everyone was on edge that day. They were going to hit hard, and he wanted his security to be alert.
Asked if he expected his security guards to beat up on someone about to hurl a tomato, Trump rightly said yes. He added that they shouldn’t simply guard him against tomatoes but also pineapples and other things.
The President said if security saw it, he’d say they should be aggressive in preventing that from happening.
The left has been making fun of the former President for his remarks, but Trump is correct. No one should be able to hurl anything at the President, and that person should be taken to the ground with extreme force. How would the secret service know that it was “just a tomato?”
Should they simply point and laugh, like the left is doing right now?
Could a tomato not be laced with acid?
Thinking is not one of the left’s strong suits while they are busy deriding.