Trump Says He Can’t Imagine Ron DeSantis Would Want To Run Against Him

( Is Donald Trump getting nervous about a possible DeSantis 2024 run?

During an interview with Josh Dawsey from the Washington Post, former President Donald Trump appeared to passive-aggressively warn Florida Governor Ron DeSantis not to run against him should Trump decide to run for president again in 2024.

In his article, Dawsey wrote that Trump said the Republicans currently floating a 2024 run, like former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Ron DeSantis wouldn’t run against him if he decides to run again. However, Dawsey noted that none of them have ruled out challenging Trump in the Republican primary.

Trump told Dawsey that if he decides to run again, “I can’t imagine they’d want to run.” Trump believes they would opt out either out of a sense of loyalty to him or because they know they wouldn’t have a chance.

Turning his attention to DeSantis, Trump claimed that the only reason DeSantis won Florida was because of Trump. He claimed DeSantis was only at 3 percent in the polls, but then Trump endorsed him and he won.

Trump told Dawsey that he thinks DeSantis is a good governor, adding that the reason DeSantis made all the right calls during the COVID pandemic was because Trump “allowed him to make decisions.” Trump explained that it was “federalist” (probably “federalism”) and that he [Trump] “gave them the right to do what they wanted to do.”

The former president said that he and DeSantis have a good relationship, adding that he has a good relationship with all the potential 2024 Republicans. But Trump told Dawsey, “would they run against me? I doubt they would run against me.”

Dawsey notes that a DeSantis spokesman declined to comment on Trump’s remarks.

Governor DeSantis has not indicated that he has any interest in running for President in 2024. But it is undeniable that he has become a favorite among Republican voters for the actions he’s taken to stand up and fight back against the left’s persistent push to undermine the country.

Some on the right believe clearing the primary field of challengers should Trump decide to run would be counterproductive both for Republican voters and for Trump himself.

Syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly has argued that primaries are important because they give the prospective nominee a chance to hone his message while fighting to earn the nomination from voters.