Trump Responds To Questions About Him As Speaker

Donald Trump’s status as a significant player in the Republican Party isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but his role inside the party may shift instead.

Trump is currently the overwhelming frontrunner to receive the Republican Party’s nomination for president. Many polls also show him victorious in a general election against President Joe Biden.

There is currently a power vacuum in the House of Representatives due to Trump’s legal woes.

On Tuesday, a group of dissatisfied Republicans led by former House Majority Leader and now-former Speaker Kevin McCarthy successfully challenged McCarthy for his job.

This leaves a seat open, and some have their sights set on Trump to fill it.

The burning question was, what does the ex-president think about being the speaker?

Trump has said, “Whatever I can do to help concerning the Speaker is good.”

Several reporters shouted to Trump as he was ready to return to the Manhattan courtroom during his Real Estate civil case.
The former president stopped and expressed his opinion, saying many people had phoned him about the speaker role. He could only say that he would do whatever was best for the country and the GOP.

A reporter followed up and asked if he would take the job.

Trump noted that he is leading the Republican primary by 50 points, and his focus is on that. He said he would do it, but other great people were in the party.

Another reporter noted that Marjorie Taylor Greene named him as a replacement for McCarthy.

Trump called MTG a “wonderful woman” but didn’t bite on any acceptance of that role.

Trump said matter-of-factly that he’s running for president, up by 40 or 50 points, and more in some cases. But whatever he could do to help with the replacement, he would do it.