Trump Releases New Ad In Hint At 2024 Plans

( Another tease for a Trump 2024 presidential campaign is making the rounds on social media amid the fury over Monday’s FBI raid on the former President’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Erin Perrine, Trump’s former director of communications for his presidential campaign, tweeted a link to the clip, which ends with the famous rally cry from his Save America speech, “we may have to do it again.”

On Twitter, Perrine asked what people thought the FBI could do to the rest of us if they could take historic and unprecedented action in a raid at President Trump’s home. Perrine tweeted a link to the 2024 presidential campaign-free video, which she then embedded.

The video’s 1 minute, 26-second opening line is “Whenever law expires, tyranny begins,” by John Locke.

Reports reveal that the video shows media covering the Mar-a-Lago raid, with many broadcasts showing police lights flashing at the ominous estate and TV commentators quoting passages from Trump’s “dark times” speech.

According to the commentary on the film, the raid was aimed at preventing Donald Trump from running again. It’s unimaginable that this would ever happen to a Democrat.

In the film, Hillary Clinton and President Joe Biden, two of Trump’s most likely opponents in 2024, were also mentioned due to charges of misconduct against them and the fact that Trump has never sent authorities to raid either of their homes.

Trump said in his “dark days” speech that Hillary Clinton was permitted to delete and acid-wash 33,000 emails after Congress had subpoenaed them. Nothing has been done to make her answerable. The Clintons even stole the White House’s antique furnishings and other artifacts.

The video added that the DOJ is being utilized as a weapon against Biden’s biggest political competitor.

The video ends with a younger Trump from a previous interview who stated that it disturbs him when he sees someone who is not competent in running something that he has a big stake in. He said it bothers him, and he takes action in response. The image then cuts to 45, denoting the 45th president of the United States.

Donald Trump believed in “America First” before it was popular.