Trump Reaches Settlement With Washington D.C.

( The city of Washington DC reached a settlement last week with former President Donald Trump whom the city sued alleging that his business and inaugural committee improperly spent nonprofit funds.

In the eight-page filing in DC Superior Court, the former president agreed to pay the city $750,000.

Washington DC sued Trump in January 2020 alleging that his presidential inaugural committee misused funds by overpaying for the events held at the Trump International Hotel in DC to benefit the hotel and the Trump Organization and by paying Lowes Madison Hotel for a hotel room contract. The city claimed the overpayments caused the inaugural committee to “exceed or abuse its lawful authorities.”

In the settlement, the Trump Organization and the inaugural committee did not admit any wrongdoing or unlawful conduct.

Washington DC Attorney General Karl Racine said on Twitter that the $750,000 settlement will be donated to nonprofit groups that supposedly educate youth about “democracy and civics.” The money will be divided evenly between the Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation and DC Action.

When the lawsuit was filed more than two years ago, Racine said the inaugural committee spent over $1 million at the Trump International Hotel, some of that money going for a private party hosted by the former president’s children. Racine said in the lawsuit that according to Washington DC law, nonprofits must use their funds for a stated public purpose and not to benefit individuals or companies.

In a statement after the settlement was reached, the former president cited the impending sale of the Trump International Hotel as the reason for the settlement. He reiterated that the settlement includes no admission of guilt or liability.

Trump also took a hit at AG Karl Racine for bringing the lawsuit, noting that crime continues to skyrocket in the US Capital, but rather than focus on rising Crime, Racine was focusing on furthering “the greatest Witch Hunt in political history.”

The former president slammed the lawsuit as another example of “weaponizing Law Enforcement against the Republican Party” and more specifically against the former Republican president.