Trump Predicts Prince Harry’s Marriage Will End

( In his interview with Piers Morgan, former President Donald Trump took a few hits at the wayward Prince Harry and his domineering wife Meghan Markle, telling Morgan that the royal couple’s royal marriage is heading for a royally bad ending.

In Monday’s interview on TalkTV’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” the former president said Harry “is being led around by his nose” by Meghan, adding that he never saw anyone as “whipped” as Prince Harry.

Trump said that he and Piers Morgan see eye-to-eye when it comes to Meghan and Harry. Morgan lost his job on “Good Morning Britain” last year after he refused to apologize for trashing Meghan Markle.

Trump told Morgan that he was never a “fan of Meghan.” He described Prince Harry as “an embarrassment” for letting Meghan lead him around by the nose. He also told Morgan that Meghan “spoke badly” about the royal family and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Trump added that he and the Queen got along “famously.” “She liked me,” Trump said, “and I liked her.”

The former president suggested that Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their royal titles, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He said the fact that they remain Duke and Duchess is his only disagreement with Queen Elizabeth, adding that the Queen should have told the couple if they wanted to leave, then their titles would be stripped.

Trump told Morgan that Prince Harry has been “so disrespectful” to England which Trump described as “a great country” where he owns a lot of properties.

Ultimately, however, Trump believes the couple’s self-imposed exile from the royal family will tear their marriage apart, either because Harry will grow tired of “being bossed around” or because Meghan will probably find some other guy she likes better.

Asked by Morgan if Trump was predicting an end to their marriage, Trump said he has always been a good predictor of things. And he predicts the marriage will end, “and it’ll end bad.”

Trump added that he wondered if Harry would go back to London “on his hands and knees” and beg to be taken back.