Trump Makes New Vow To The American People

Trump campaigned on a promise to issue an order on day one ending birth tourism and birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants. 

Trump claims his plan would discourage illegal immigration, send many of the people President Joe Biden illegally admitted to their home countries, and eliminate a key incentive for more illegal immigration. 

According to John Zadrozny, a former acting Chief of Staff for USCIS who is currently the America First Legal Foundation’s deputy director of investigations, enforcing this regulation would end a significant problem at the southern border.

Zadrozny stated that individuals who cross the United States border illegally and give birth inside the border are treated as citizens. And then let that child be the anchor for any other family member who is in the country illegally to enter. He called it foolish.

Opponents of Trump’s newest policy promise against birthright citizenship say it is guaranteed by the Constitution. The Trump campaign and Zadrozny counter that this interpretation of the 14th Amendment is flawed.  The campaign will promote clear facts.

Zadrozny provided a practical illustration. He said to suppose there is a woman who is an ambassador from another nation. She arrives in the United States while pregnant and gives birth on American soil while serving as an ambassador. The child is not a citizen of the United States. The child is a citizen of their home country.

According to a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult, a majority of Americans believe Donald Trump is the best option for resolving the problem on the southern border.

The Morning Consult poll inquired about which person would be better at dealing with  

specific issue.

For the economy, Trump beat DeSantis 71% to 19%.

For immigration, Trump was at 70% to DeSantis’ 20%. 

Trump came in with 69% for foreign policy to DeSantis’ 20%. 

On the issue of protecting Medicare and Social Security, Trump was at 60% to DeSantis’ 25%.