Trump Makes Huge, Surprising Promises 

Last week, former President Donald Trump released another campaign video in which he lays out his plan to reform the corrupt and weaponized justice system which he argued is a threat to the “American way of life.”

In the video, Trump promises to appoint US Attorneys that will be “the polar opposite” of Soros-backed district attorneys “being appointed throughout the United States.”

While US Attorneys are appointed by the president of the United States, the Soros-backed district attorneys, on the other hand, are local political prosecutors who are not appointed but elected to office.

Trump vowed that his US Attorneys would be “ferocious legal warriors” who will fight “crime and Communist corruption.” He also promised to overhaul the Department of Justice and the FBI, which he said would then pursue “civil rights investigations” into the Soros-backed district attorneys whom he described as “Marxist in many cases.”

Trump accused the Soros-backed prosecutors of selectively enforcing the law “based on illegal racial discrimination.”

Citing the Soros-backed prosecutors in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Trump said the Justice Department should subpoena their offices and staff to determine if they are violating federal Civil Rights laws.

Trump said as president, he would order the Justice Department to create a task force to protect Americans’ right to self-defense, which he argued is “under siege nationwide.” He called for a federal inquiry into the Austin prosecutor who pursued murder charges against Daniel Perry who was found guilty of murder in the self-defense shooting of a Black Lives Matter rioter.

He also promised to investigate the “police state tactics” of the FBI in targeting Christians and conservatives to find out who is behind it and hold them accountable.

Trump also promised to reform law schools and “far-left bar associations” that are trying to “purge” conservative lawyers from joining “major law firms.”

Trump vowed to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the American legal system.