Trump Makes A DNA “Offer” To Judge In Case 

( According to a report, former president Donald Trump’s offer to produce a DNA sample under certain conditions was turned down by a federal court in New York in a lawsuit alleging he assaulted a writer in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s. 

Trump’s offer to settle E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit, which came after years of litigation, was deemed legally too late by Judge Lewis Kaplan. 

The trial in the case, in which Trump is also accused of defaming Carroll when he refuted her allegation, is scheduled to begin in less than three months. 

Kaplan said that Trump was wrong to condition his offer on Carroll’s attorneys being forced to provide a secret appendix to a report on male DNA discovered on a garment she claims Trump assaulted her while wearing it. 

A DNA sample from Trump is not something Carroll may request at this time, the court said, since the discovery phase is ended. No Genetic evidence may be used in the case. 

The report showed Kaplan stated that Carroll’s attorney had many chances in the two related lawsuits to take action to force Mr. Trump to produce a DNA sample. They very likely would have gotten it if they had done that. But, Carroll’s attorney did not take any action and decided to go to trial without it. 

Reports show a passage from Carroll’s book made assault allegations against Former President Donald Trump and former CBS CEO Les Moonves. She claimed both men had assaulted her in public in the ’90s. 

In a piece written two years before Carroll claimed to have been attacked by Trump in the same department store, Carroll made reference to lustful behavior on the floor of Bergdorf Goodman.

Reports also show that in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in 2019, Carroll said many people see assault as ‘sexy.’ Imagine the possibilities, she continued, casting a devilish glance his way. Cooper, clearly agitated, paused the show for a commercial break.