Trump Launches Plan To End Top GOP Traitors In Party

( Politico this week reported how former President Donald Trump is “hunting down the GOP’s leading families” and asserting “full dominion over the Republican Party.”

It’s meant to sound daunting and scary, but it’s news that much of the Republican Party is likely to support – given how polls repeatedly show that Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda (and not the neo-liberal agenda of the Liz Cheneys in the party) is the most popular platform among Republican voters.

“Whether it’s the Cheneys, the Bushes or the lesser bloodlines — such as the Romneys or the Murkowskis — Trump has been relentless in his efforts to force them to bend the knee. Even Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Sen. John McCain — who herself has never run for office — has been knocked down, censured by Trump allies who run the state Republican Party in Arizona,” the outlet reports.

Politico cited Arne Carlson, a former two-term Republican governor in Minnesota, who claimed it’s a “tragedy” that the party has broken with its past.

How is it a tragedy that the Republican Party is ditching the corporations and the endless wars in favor of representing the average working-class American?

“The problem with the revolution is they continue to get more and more extreme. Whereas Liz Cheney was on the right, she now finds herself being pushed into the middle and, ultimately, off the cliff,” Carlson claimed.

Politico lamented how President Donald Trump has “almost single-handedly managed to sever the Bush family line” and deprive the Bush dynasty of its third presidential nominee.

The scathing Politico piece notes how President Donald Trump is successfully winning the war against the neo-liberal and neo-con Republicans, in favor of a populist conservative approach that may allow him to build a new, better Trump dynasty.

It comes as the Republican Party turns on Liz Cheney after she wrongly claimed that President Trump’s assertion that fraud and misconduct played a role in the 2020 presidential election is a “BIG LIE.”

Take a look at the full piece and see just how mad Politico is that President Trump is taking out the Republican corruption.