Trump Jr. Announces New Competition Website To Take On The Drudge Report

( Former Trump staffers, along with Donald Trump Junior, are launching a news aggregation app to compete with Apple News and Google News on mobile devices.

The MxM News app was founded by Donald Trump Junior and former Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich to combat bias against conservatives in the news aggregation space. They are hoping to fill the void left now that the Drudge Report has lost much of its influence, especially on mobile.

The Drudge Report was once one of the largest news traffic distributors in the country. But after Drudge became an Anti-Trump aggregator, its traffic took a nosedive, dropping 57 percent between 2018 and 2021.

According to a spokesperson who spoke to Axios, MxM News is hoping to disrupt the mobile news space in the same way that, in the 1990s, the Drudge Report disrupted web publishing and Fox disrupted cable news.

MxM (AKA “minute-by-minute”) News would be a free mobile news aggregation app curating stories from other publishers across the political spectrum. According to the spokesperson, the first focus will be building its user base. MxM News will then explore ways to monetize its audience.

To build an audience, the company first plans to leverage the online reach of conservative personalities, including Donald Trump Jr, then will eventually roll out paid marketing.

Possible sources of revenue would come from syndication agreements along with offering users the option to pay for premium content from specific publishers.

Curating content will be done by a small team of around eight staffers. MxM News has no current plan to hire writers or journalists to provide original content. One possible future goal of the company is to develop artificial intelligence to personalize content recommendations to users.

Telegraph Creative is an equity partner in the MxM News and Telegraph designed and developed the mobile app.

The app for MxM News will be free and available for both Apple and Android devices.