Trump Jokes He Could Fly To Russia To Escape Prison

Former President Trump made a humorous remark about possibly escaping to Russia following the imposition of a $200,000 bond in the Georgia case regarding his attempts to contest the 2020 presidential election results.

On Truth Social, Trump posted that District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County, Ga., who is in charge of the case, had been adamant about the bond amount.

“Seems like she believed I might run away. Perhaps all the way to Russia? Spend time in a luxurious suite with Vladimir and vanish from the limelight?” he commented, alluding to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Wonder if I could take my iconic plane with the golden TRUMP emblem? Likely not. I’d blend in better flying economy – doubt anyone would spot me!”

This Thursday, Trump is scheduled to present himself to the authorities in Fulton County, where he is confronted with 13 charges, which encompass racketeering, conspiring to commit forgery, and urging a public official to breach their oath.

Trump has consistently professed his innocence throughout this ordeal and in three other cases in different regions. He describes all the accusations against him as stemming from political biases.

Perhaps what truly irks Trump are the conditions tied to his bond agreement. It explicitly cautions him against using social media platforms, like Truth Social, to threaten or intimidate any witnesses or co-defendants, whether the threats are overt or implied. Given Trump’s frequent and passionate posts on Truth Social, this might prove challenging for him.

The mandate clearly states, “The Defendant must not act in any manner that could intimidate or obstruct witnesses or co-defendants in this case or obstruct justice.”

The provisions for Trump were more explicit than for other implicated individuals, including any “indirect threats.”

All 19 individuals charged are required to present themselves to the authorities by Friday noon.

On Tuesday, John Eastman, Trump’s former attorney, and co-defendant, voluntarily turned himself in to Georgia authorities over accusations related to challenging the results of the 2020 election.