Trump Indictments Drop At All-Too Convenient Times

After four news cycles of stunning discoveries about the Biden family business, conservatives began to wonder whether the timing of four indictments of former President Donald Trump was simply a coincidence.

A Georgia grand jury handed Trump his fourth indictment on Monday night.

Trump was initially charged with a crime in New York State and then again at the federal level in Florida and the District of Columbia. The media’s coverage of Hunter Biden and the Biden family company shifted with each subsequent conviction. The mainstream press utilized these charges to divert attention away from mounting accusations of wrongdoing against President Joe Biden and towards “getting” Trump.

Each of these unconstitutional, partisan, and illogical indictments against Trump is designed to damage his chances in 2024 and deflect attention from much more severe crimes of President Biden’s partner-in-crime, Hunter Biden, according to conservatives.

Gavin Wax, the NY Young Republican’s Club President, said, “While Hunter committed genuine crimes that are being pushed under the rug, President Trump is being accused for voicing his thoughts, consulting with attorneys, and obeying the law.”

Veteran digital strategist Luke Mahoney said that the “extraordinary lawfare” indictments happened on the dot, diverting Republican donor attention from beating Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress in 2024 to protecting Donald Trump from this unprecedented lawfare.

An anonymous conservative commenter said, “Joe and Hunter Biden must be the luckiest people in the world.” This commentator was afraid of retaliation from Hunter Biden’s legal team. He went on to say that the Bidens know they can bank on the corporate media to cover Trump news while ignoring the mounting mountain of evidence surrounding the many criminal businesses run by the Biden family.

The timing is uncanny. In this case, it’s the coverup and the crime. You can see it HERE.