Trump Helped Newsmax Pass CNN In Ratings

( Last Friday, for the first time in history, CNN lost to Newsmax in the primetime ratings race, thanks in large part to Newsmax’s live coverage of former President Trump’s Pennsylvania campaign rally.

Imagine how the low-rated CNN must be feeling knowing the news network it routinely mocks managed to clean its clock during primetime.

Newsmax has never bested any of the three major cable news channels in the primetime ratings race, in large part because Newsmax isn’t offered on nearly as many platforms as MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News.

The upstart Newsmax is carried in 20 million fewer homes than CNN. But even with that limited reach, Newsmax’s live coverage of former President Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania campaign rally on Friday night pushed the network over CNN.

According to Nielsen, between 8 pm and 10 pm last Friday, Newsmax drew 738,000 total viewers and had a primetime average of 579,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, over at CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360” drew a pathetic 645,000 total viewers with an average primetime audience of 545,000.

CNN’s new owner, Discovery can’t be too happy with the news. Just weeks after Discovery had to shut down CNN’s paid subscription service CNN+, Newsmax, a network that lacks CNN’s massive reach was able to push the fake news channel down to fourth place in the primetime ratings game.

But even with Newsmax’s massive gain, the Fox News Channel still came out on top last Friday. Its 8 pm program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” beat its competition, taking first place in the timeslot with 2.85 million viewers.

Tucker’s show was the second-highest watched cable news show for the day, while Fox’s “The Five” took the top spot with 3.15 million viewers.