Trump Has Hidden “Advantage” Ahead Of 2024

The national media has made the former President and GOP frontrunner in the 2024 election a victim. The Trump indictment by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is seen as a witch-hunt, and an upcoming rape trial has only fired up Trump supporters. 

As faith in the government justice system wains, more independents are seeing the attack on Trump as an overreach by a tyrannical out-of-control government. Trump’s approval rating has risen significantly in recent polls since the Bragg indictment.

To anti-Trumpers, this hardly seems possible. But the movement within the Republican Party appears to show more support for the beleaguered ex-president in specific demographics. 

In 2012 white College-educated Trump supporters made up 48 percent of declared Republicans, while white non-college educated came in at 40 percent Republican. 

Donald Trump was nominated in 2016, and white non-college voters increased to 56 percent of declared Republicans, but college-educated white Republican fell to only 33 percent. 

White Republican voters increased to 62 percent while non-college educated declined to 25 percent, according to voter surveys including minorities. Republican support for non-college voters moved from 56 percent in 2012 to 70 percent in 2022. 

Republican exit polls from presidential primaries held in 2008, 2012, and 2016 show Republican voters’ between those with college degrees and non-collage voters came in evenly split. 

Polls are currently suggesting that Republican voters without a college degree are a clear majority of the party makeup who are likely to vote in the 2024 primaries. 

The upcoming primaries would suggest that college-educated voters will make up about 40 percent of the GOP electorate. Non-college voters would hold the majority of GOP support, with a strong 60 percent of primary voters.

Since Trump’s election, he’s had a major impact on the Republican Party. The numbers indicate that the college-educated don’t have the influence they previously held in 2016.

Trump is holding a sizable lead in the polls as we begin the 2024 presidential campaign. One early Pennsylvania poll shows Trump 40, DeSantis 34, Pence 6, Haley 4, Sununu 2, Scott 0, Pompeo 0