Trump Has A Private Meeting

( Former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson met with former President Donald Trump because he is considering another run for office.
Thompson’s visit with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida on Thursday comes as he explores running for governor in the Republican primary. The meeting was confirmed by people acquainted with Thompson’s plans.

Wisconsin’s longest-serving governor last ran for office in 2001, when he was appointed Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services by President George W. Bush. In 2012, he ran for the United States Senate but lost to Tammy Baldwin. Thompson, who is 80 years old, was most recently the temporary president of the University of Wisconsin System.

After previously saying he’ll decide on another potential run for governor by the end of April, Thompson’s visit to Mar-a-Lago with former President Donald Trump signaled he is serious.

When you consider the other gubernatorial contenders in the race— Tim Ramthun, Kevin Nicholson, and Rebecca Kleefisch—Donald Trump would be unlikely to choose Tommy Thompson over one of the other three.

If Thompson were there to angle for Trump’s influential endorsement, only time would tell. According to a source close to Thompson, the meeting’s main topic was Wisconsin politics and getting the state back in 2024, and Thompson was not looking for an endorsement, but that seems unlikely.

If Trump intervenes with an endorsement, it will significantly impact the Republican governorship primary battle. If that endorsement is not for Thompson, it’s doubtful the 80-year-old would muster the strength and will to power through the imprimatur of a MAGA tip of the red hat.

In October 2021, Trump’s pick was former Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy. Trump wrote:

“Working hard to get very popular and capable Former Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin to run for Governor. He would be fantastic! A champion athlete, Sean loves the people of Wisconsin, and would be virtually unbeatable. His wife, Rachel, is likewise an incredible person. They are both doing very well, so this would be a big sacrifice, but hopefully it will be a sacrifice that will be made for the Great State of Wisconsin and its wonderful, hardworking people. Run Sean, Run! (A little spin-off on the great Herschel Walker).”

Trump lost in 2020 but remained in control of the party due to his immense popularity with voters on the right.