Trump Gets Dumped By His Own Legal Team

The news of Tim Parlatore’s hardly noticed personal resignation from a Trump legal team was reported by Kaitlan Collins of CNN this week.

Attorney Tim Parlatore announced that it had been a great privilege to serve and tackle challenging legal matters.

According to a statement Parlatore sent to CNN, saying that his decision to resign had nothing to do with the case itself but rather with his strong belief that the DOJ’s crew is engaged in misconduct in pursuing a probe of conduct which is not criminal.

Trump and Parlatore discussed the president’s departure.

Given that Parlatore was the lawyer who coordinated the searches for further sensitive materials at Trump’s estates in Bedminster, Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s office in Palm Beach, and at Trump Tower last year, his departure is noteworthy.

In addition, he testified in front of the grand jury in May 2022 when the Justice Department was trying to charge Trump with defiance for allegedly refusing to turn over all classified papers in response to a subpoena.

According to a report, special counsel Jack Smith at the Department of Justice looks to be finishing up the investigation and another concerning alleged attempts to impede the 2020 presidential election. 

Special counsel Jack Smith at the Department of Justice looks to be finishing up both one investigation and another one concerning attempts to impede the 2020 presidential election, as reported by CNN.

It was believed that Trump still had sensitive information at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, so in December, Parlatore appeared in front of a grand jury investigating the records discovered there.

According to Parlatore’s subsequent interview with ABC News, it was apparent that the federal government did not behave lawfully and made many inappropriate efforts to breach confidentiality, and gave a number of significant misstatements to the jurors, which is prosecutorial misconduct.