Trump Didn’t Like Sidney Powell

( Far-left activist media report that according to testimony from Hope Hicks, which the January 6th Select Committee released late Thursday night, former President Donald Trump thought Sidney Powell’s “conspiracy” theory regarding election interference sounded “crazy.”

Powell claimed that money was being smuggled into Dominion from Venezuela and Cuba to sway the results, but Trump reportedly muted a phone in the Oval Office during Powell’s remarks. Trump allegedly remarked that it sounded crazy.

But let’s waste time on what Hope Hicks claims to have heard and ignore serious people like Steve Stigall.

Steve Stigall, a CIA expert who gave testimony at a hearing, said the majority of electronic voting is not secure.

According to a  2009 McClatchy report, the CIA has been keeping an eye on how other countries use electronic voting systems and has reported apparent vote-rigging schemes in Venezuela, Macedonia, and Ukraine, as well as several concerns with the machines’ susceptibility to hacking.

The CIA cybersecurity expert accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his allies of rigging a 2004 election recount when he testified before a U.S. Election Assistance Commission field hearing in Orlando, Florida.

Steve Stigall summarized attempts to use computers to sabotage democratic elections in developing countries in a presentation that could offer unsettling lessons for the United States, where electronic voting is common. The news media have not yet covered his comments.

The McClatchy report reveals Stigall explaining how computerized electoral systems can be manipulated at five stages, from changing voter registration lists to posting results to the Election Assistance Commission, a tiny agency that Congress established in 2002 to modernize U.S. voting.

According to Stigall, wireless hacking could compromise unconnected voting machines and those connected to the Internet.

Although eleven U.S. states had restricted or outlawed wireless voting technology, Stigall claimed that some election officials were unaware that wireless cards had been inserted into their machines.

The January 6 Committee has been questioning the wrong people because they don’t want real answers.

Crazy, huh?