Trump Declares Victory After Chris Cuomo Is “Gone”

( Former President Donald Trump was very quick to respond to the news that CNN had suspended far-left “news” anchor Chris Cuomo over allegations that he used his connections to help his brother, the former Governor of New York, overcome credible sexual harassment and abuse accusations made against him.

In a statement issued by his Save America PAC, Trump said it was “great news for television viewers” that CNN suspended Cuomo indefinitely.

The question, Trump said, was whether he was really fired for his “horrendous ratings” which he says has permeated both CNN and the “MSDNC,” or if it was because his brother is no longer the Governor of New York.

“Probably both. In any event, Fredo is gone!” he said.

You may remember the name “Fredo” causing Chris Cuomo to get particularly angry in 2019, when a video showed a man calling him “Fredo” in reference to the weak, bumbling younger brother of a mobster in the legendary Godfather movie. Cuomo was so enraged by the idea that someone thinks he is less important than his brother that he wrongly claimed the word “Fredo” was a racist slur on par with calling a Black person the N word.

Let’s just remind ourselves of that one:

It never gets old.

You can see the full, hilarious statement from Trump below.