Trump Creams Republican Opponents In New Poll

( Former President Donald Trump has not officially announced his intention to run for president for a third time, but polls keep on proving that the Republican base is firmly behind him if he chooses to do so. Yet another poll, this time from Harvard CAPS/Harris Polls, showed former President Trump with 57% support across the party.

Popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is rumored to be a potential contender in the 2024 race, came a distant second with only 12% support in the poll.

Mark Penn, the co-director of the poll, told The Hill that it’s too early to make predictions about the primary race, with early polls usually not being a good predictor of what actually happens.

There have not been many situations like this throughout history, however, where an ousted president retains so much support within the party that he is tipped to be the candidate for a third time in a row.

“Trump is starting out in a fairly strong position with Republicans, while Biden and Harris have surprisingly little support among Democrats for incumbents. Trump is also starting out reasonably well-positioned for the general, but he seems to be benefitting by being out of the limelight and no telling what would happen if he steps back in,” he added.

Trump and DeSantis were followed by former Vice President Mike Pence, who took 11% support. The former president has maintained a public profile since leaving the White House and has spoken at several major Republican, pro-life, and conservative events over the last year.