Trump Claims Truth Social Was Sabotaged By Big Tech

( Rolling Stone recently reported that former President Donald Trump believes that Google is working to undermine Truth Social, which is his media company’s social media platform.

Trump Media & Technology Group created Truth Social as an alternative to social media giants such as Twitter. The social media app can be downloaded via the App Store for Apple devices, but it’s not yet available through the Google Play Store. That is the app store for all devices that run on the Android operating system, which is developed by Google.

The problem, of course, is that Android is on roughly 70% of global operating systems for mobile devices, and 42% of all domestic devices.

As one source told Rolling Stone recently about Trump:

“He keeps hearing about how Google and YouTube have it out for him … including on Truth Social, and I think he’s taking [it] seriously.”

Three other sources mentioned to Rolling Stone, though, that the reason why people who have an Android device can’t access Truth Social is because the company hasn’t filed a proper application to appear on the Google Play Store just yet.

A few weeks ago, Devin Nunes said that Truth Social would be available on all web browsers by the end of this month. Nunes currently serves as the head of the Trump Media & Technology Group and is a former Republican congressman from California.

He wrote recently:

“End of May we will launch PWA (Web Browser) this will allow access from any device. After that we will launch an Android App … pending approval from Google!”

Truth Social went live with their app in the Apple App store back on February 21. Shortly thereafter, the app rose to the top of the most downloaded list. In April, Stephanie Chan, who serves as a strategist for Sensor Tower, estimated that the app was downloaded more than 1.4 million times since its February launch date.

But, standing in the way of really big things is Google’s apparent blockage of Truth Social on Android devices.

This all comes at a time, too, when Digital World Acquisition Group is trying to take Trump’s media company public. The Securities and Exchange Commission is currently reviewing submissions from the SPAC, also known as a Special Purpose Acquisition Corp.

Many investors aren’t too keen on the public move for Trump’s media company, though. In addition to the fact that it isn’t yet approved on the Google Play Store, the Truth Social app experienced a lot of glitches and setbacks in the early rollout on Apple devices.

Another thing that could stand in the way of Truth Social’s success is the fact that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is in the process of purchasing Twitter. That move, if completed, would take Twitter out of the hands of ultra-liberals and move them into a seemingly conservative controller who has touted the importance of free speech on the platform.

If that ends up happening, then Twitter could ultimately end up doing Truth Social in — especially if it allows Trump to return to the platform