Trump Claims Civil Case Against Him Is a Fraud

In a recent development, former President Donald Trump has vehemently dismissed his New York civil fraud case as a “fraud” itself, attributing its existence to his strong performance in the polls for the 2024 presidential election against President Biden.

Trump boldly declared, “It’s a fraud. The entire case is a fraud,” accusing the White House of weaponizing justice due to his substantial lead over Biden. Firm in his belief, Trump asserted that the case directly results from the White House’s influence. He confidently stated, “You know it, I know it, they know it.”

To support his claims, the former president referenced the testimony of accounting professor Eli Bartov, an expert witness brought in by his team. Trump revealed that Bartov thoroughly reviewed the documents provided by Letitia James, the attorney general leading the case, and found no evidence of accounting fraud. Trump praised Bartov, who is highly respected, and emphasized his findings, stating, “He found no fraud whatsoever. And like everyone else, he said, ‘What are we doing here?'”

During his testimony, Bartov, a professor at New York University, asserted that Trump’s financial records did not violate accounting principles. He dismissed any concerns raised by the records, attributing them to mere errors. “My main finding is that there is no evidence of any accounting fraud,” Bartov testified. He further clarified that Trump’s financial statements were not materially misstated.

Currently in New York for the civil fraud case initiated by Letitia James, Trump, and his company are accused of misleading banks and insurers by inflating his net worth and the values of his real estate properties, such as Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower. This alleged deception aimed to secure larger loans and obtain better insurance rates. The trial, presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, has already determined that fraud occurred. The ongoing proceedings now focus on determining the damages sought by James, who aims to prevent the Trump family from conducting business in New York by seeking over $300 million.

Throughout the legal process, Trump has consistently portrayed the case as politically motivated and targeted Judge Engoron, Letitia James, and other individuals involved. He boldly proclaimed, “This is a political witch hunt,” emphasizing its intent to influence an election. Trump firmly maintained that the case’s origins extend beyond the state level, asserting that it is not solely a state matter but stems from the White House.

As the trial continues and Trump prepares to take the stand for the second time on Monday, the former president remains resolute in his belief that the case against him is nothing more than a political ploy.