Trump Beats Joe Manchin’s Endorsement Battle In West Virginia

( Trump-backed U.S. Representative Alex Mooney was victorious in the Republican primary for West Virginia’s newly created 2nd Congressional District, defeating his opponent, anti-Trump Representative David McKinley.

McKinley was a Republican, but Democratic Senator Joe Manchin had backed him. Both of the candidates in this election are currently serving as United States Representatives; however, they were both put into the same district as a consequence of the results of the 2020 Census, which resulted in a reduction in the number of seats held by the state in Congress from three to two.

The new congressional districts for West Virginia virtually divide the state down the middle, with the state’s new 1st District located in the state’s southern half and its new 2nd District situated in the state’s northern half.

Both districts will have two seats each. The new district lines pitted two sitting Republican Representatives against each other in the GOP Primary, with 45th President Trump stepping in to support Rep. Alex Mooney and West Virginia’s Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin, wading into GOP politics in support of Rep. David McKinley, a Republican who publicly turned against President Trump after the January 6th protests of last year. Rep. David McKinley was a Republican who publicly turned on President Trump after the demonstrations on January 6th of last year.

In 2021, when Democrats were trying to portray election integrity demonstrators as terrorists and remove President Trump from office for challenging election results in contested states, McKinley turned against his own party’s President, who was overwhelmingly supported by his constituents.

Trump was challenging election results in states where the election was close. Even though he voted against impeachment, he released a public statement at the time that was highly critical of President Trump. In this statement, he repeated the talking points of Democrats and Republicans on the far left, such as Liz Cheney.

Cheney is a Democrat, no?