Trump Backed Candidate Makes New Request For Elections

( After 2020’s voting crisis, which saw unsecure drop boxes being used for both the presidential and Senate races, it looks like states are getting more serious about election integrity. Finally.

The latest news comes from Georgia, where state Senator Burt Jones just announced that he is running on a platform of election integrity in his Trump-endorsed campaign to become the next lieutenant governor of the state.

Speaking on the John Solomon Reports podcast on Tuesday, Senator Jones said that his election integrity campaign means he will push for the total elimination of drop boxes – which are boxes left in public places and unmonitored, where people leave their completed ballots – and will also campaign for a return to voting on paper ballots.

Jones argued that the drop boxes used in the 2020 presidential election were not legal in Georgia because they were not approved by the state legislators.

Interestingly, the Georgia state legislature did actually legalize the use of drop boxes in elections as part of a new election integrity bill earlier this year, however the drop boxes outlined in the new legislation must be designated to a specific precinct and not spread out across the entire Metro Atlanta area, as they were in last year’s election.

Jones explained in the podcast that if an absentee ballot can be taken to a designated precinct during operational hours, then there really is no need for a drop box.

“You can just hand it in to the designated attendant for that,” he said, arguing that drop boxes are not necessary in any situation.

It’s a good point, right? Why would anybody want to leave the ballot in a drop box, unattended by anybody, when precinct voting locations are open and available during the day?

The state senator said that he doesn’t know whether or not there is anything wrong with the voting machines, but said that he cannot say that they have been examined by the appropriate authorities and that he knows the electorate doesn’t trust them.

“And so I think that we need to move towards getting rid of the third-party vendors and the machinery completely,” he said.

Former President Trump is no doubt happy to hear about this.