Trey Gowdy Targets Kari Lake 

( Ex-Congressman Trey Gowdy, a presenter on Fox News, criticized former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake for becoming a turncoat against Ron DeSantis (R) and spreading false information about the Florida governor. 

Gowdy focused his opening monologue on Lake’s choice to share discredited content from The Gateway Pundit on Sunday Night in America. Lake pushed the website’s conspiracy theory and false allegation that leftist megadonor and right-wing bogeyman George Soros is backing DeSantis for president. 

Soros described DeSantis as “shrewd, vicious, and ambitious,” and he may end up fending off former President Donald Trump in the GOP primary. Gowdy called Lake out on the fact that this is hardly the endorsement she portrays it to be. 

Gowdy got his dander up, exclaiming that this unwarranted assault came from a failed Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona. He noted that the unstable Lake praised Ron DeSantis as “the finest thing since sliced bread” three months ago. Now, just a short time later, she claims that George Soros supports Governor DeSantis.  

Gowdy said there was no proof of this, but why let the truth get in the way of her unfounded claims? 

It’s true that Lake once heaped praise on DeSantis during their campaign, but as Gowdy pointed out, Lake’s recent attack of DeSantis is a big gamble. Gowdy’s labeling of Lake as a “failed candidate” is unlikely to endear him to her, especially because Lake is a GOP darling in some circles for her persistence in presenting election fraud claims and refusing to yield to Governor Katie Hobbs. 

The anomalies in the Arizona election and that so many Republicans apparently went “rogue” to support a Democrat is compelling, to say the least. 

It’s been suggested that mathematical oddities have plagued the 2020 and 2022 elections. Is it evidence of fraud? So far, no court has thought so.