Trans Prostitute Kills Man After He Demands Refund

On November 12, the discovery of a man’s body at Crissy Field in San Francisco, California, led to the arrest of a “transgender” prostitute facing second-degree murder charges.

According to a local media outlet, Leion Butler, 20, was arrested and charged on November 22.

The 32-year-old Butler alleges that he shot Hamza Walupupu in self-defense amid a confrontation. According to reports, the victim sought a refund after learning that the culprit was transgender.

The incident allegedly occurred when Butler consented to a “date” with Walupupu, who insisted on bringing him to Crissy Field despite his discomfort, according to court filings submitted to U.S. District Court.

Walupupu demanded a refund when Butler revealed his transsexual status after fellatio. The victim allegedly attempted to force the suspect out of his car when he resisted to return the money.
Butler is accused of killing the man because he refused to take him back to where he picked him up.

Walupupu made an effort to exit the vehicle. But Butler reportedly retrieved a firearm from his handbag and shot the victim.

Butler fled the area and sought assistance from his mother. The mother reportedly helped trash the victim’s possessions and cleaned the vehicle.

A report revealed that in the Summer, Butler once sprayed bear mace into a crowd during a gay pride gathering, subsequently resisting arrest by attacking an officer.

An outlet reported that the suspect was held in the male section of the San Francisco County Jail, but Butler appeared in the courtroom as a female.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, The High Court in Edinburgh handed down an eight-year jail term to Adam Graham (31), the notorious “transgender lady” in England known as Isla Bryson, after his conviction for the rape of two women in February.

Reports show he was convicted for the rape of two women between 2016 and 2019. He was widely believed to have brought down the leftist Scottish administration of Nicola Sturgeon when she refused to acknowledge Graham’s true gender.

Graham identified as a male throughout his life but later asserted his identity as a “transgender” female named Isla Bryson shortly after his trial, which allowed him to be placed in a female prison.

Graham was transferred to a male jail after an intense public outcry over safety concerns for female inmates.