Trans Mob Attacks Singers For Speaking Their Mind On Controversial Issue

( Card-carrying Resistance member Bette Midler and singer Macy Gray got hit with friendly fire this week after both of them made comments critical of the transgender movement’s erasure of biological women and denial of reality.

Midler took to Twitter on Monday to warn “women of the world” that their rights, lives, and “even our name” were getting stripped away. She complained about women being called “birthing people,” and even “people with vaginas” and urged the women of the world not to let themselves be erased.

Unsurprisingly, the outrage mob attacked the famous “gay icon” for daring to defend womanhood, calling her a “TERF” (aka “trans-exclusionary radical feminist”) and “transphobic.”

Meanwhile, during an interview on Piers Morgan’s UK show “Piers Uncensored,” singer Macy Gray dismissed the pronoun obsession and said, “just because you go change your parts doesn’t make you a woman.”

Guess what happened?

You guessed it. The outrage mob descended once again, breathlessly accusing Gray of being a “TERF” and a “transphobe.”

Just two days after pissing off the perpetually pissed-off outrage mob, Midler offered up a groveling apology, claiming she meant nothing “exclusionary or transphobic” by her tweet. She claimed that she has always fought for “marginalized people” and nobody should “dismiss my 60 years of proven love and concern” over a single tweet that “accidentally” pissed off the very people she fought for.

On Wednesday, Matt Walsh, the brains behind the Daily Wire’s documentary “What is a Woman,” suggested that the trans mob ask why it is that they demand everyone else affirm their identity, calling them “incredibly fragile.”

In a brief Twitter thread, Walsh suggested that most people don’t fall apart if someone uses the wrong name or pronoun because most people are “secure in our identity.” But if trans people fall to pieces over stuff like this, perhaps they should ask themselves why their identity is “so brittle and flimsy and weak.”