Tragic ending to Coast Guard’s search for missing sailors after Navy helicopter crash

( Efforts to find five American Navy sailors who went missing after their helicopter crashed into the waters on the coast of San Diego have officially ended.

A Coast Guard spokesman told Fox on Friday that the efforts had been ended earlier that day after they had begun assisting the Navy with search efforts to find the bodies.

On Tuesday, a Navy MH-50S helicopter was conducting flight operations from the USS Abraham Lincoln when it crashed into the ocean. Five sailors on board the helicopter have still yet to be found, and while the Coast Guard has officially called off their search efforts, the Navy is continuing those efforts.

Given the time that has passed, however, it is extremely unlikely that those sailors will be recovered alive – or even recovered at all.

While those five sailors remain missing, one sailor was thankfully rescued and brought to shore. A further five sailors sustained injuries as a result of the crash and were treated and in stable condition.

The Navy confirmed that the USS Abraham Lincoln is still at sea and being used as part of the ongoing search efforts to recover the sailors. Furthermore, an investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing, and it is still unclear whether the crash occurred during takeoff or landing.

No matter how futile the search appears to be, we can be thankful that the Navy is not giving up on American soldiers and will continue search efforts until every possible avenue for recovering these brave American servicemen has been explored.