Top Trump Supporter “Arrested”

( Gavin McInnes, a political analyst, and former Proud Boys leader, abruptly ended his show on Thursday night.

According to reports, McInnes spoke during a live broadcast of “Get Off My Lawn” to law enforcement officers. He remarked to someone off camera, stating he was filming a show – “can we do this later?”

McInnes went off-screen and was heard to say that he was “delighted to do that,” but he would contact a lawyer, and they’ll sit down and talk and plan a meeting.

“I didn’t let you in,” McInness was heard saying.

McInnes then vanished, and faint voices were heard in the background.

According to Josh Denny, a comedian who works on Censored TV, McInnes was apprehended over alleged January 6 involvement.

But was that really what happened?

According to new reports, Owen Benjamin, a professional comedian, was visibly furious after finding McInnes was safe at home and had never been arrested. Benjamin released texts from his interaction with McInnes, proving that the “arrest” was a sham.

Benjamin released a video criticizing McInnes for attempting to “infect” the public with a prank that his audience was ignorant and naive to accept. He stated that Gavin McInnes told him, ‘We’re done,’ since Benjamin disclosed his ‘prank,’ which was never going to be revealed.

Benjamin stated that the revelation distinguishes between a joke and a scam, a falsehood, and deceit.

According to Owen Benjamin’s video, he claimed he knew how these folks, such as psychopathic sorts, work. He planned to tell all precisely what occurred so that if McInness pulled one of his sociopathic pranks on him, it would be obvious.

Was Gavin McInnis inarticulately trying to call attention to the January 6 prisoners and failed, or was he just having fun at their expense? Either way, it isn’t a good idea to hand the left further reason to verbally attack innocent political prisoners from the Capitol riot.