Top Officials Face Zuckerberg-related Bribery Lawsuit

( According to a complaint filed by the Thomas More Society, three Milwaukee, Wisconsin officials are accused of fraudulently using “Zuck Bucks” to “assist” voting by purchasing absentee ballot drop boxes, among other things.

The complaint claims that Milwaukee Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson, former Mayor Tom Barrett, and City Clerk Jim Owczarski broke Wisconsin’s election bribery law by accepting private donations from the non-profit Center for Tech and Civic Life. This group is funded by billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.
Sixteen states have now approved legislation prohibiting or restricting public election officials from accepting and using private contributions. Thomas More Society attorneys were the first to contest this matter.
Last year, former President Donald Trump dubbed Zuckerberg a “criminal” for allegedly leveraging hundreds of millions of dollars on the 2020 election through the Center for Tech and Civic Life.
Ever since Biden was declared the winner of the state’s ten electoral votes, the 2020 election in Wisconsin has been controversial. In November 2020, the state undertook a partial recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties for that year’s presidential election. According to the Wisconsin election website, “Presidential results are still vulnerable to change due to lawsuit” in 2020.
Wisconsin’s governor certified the results of the election on Nov. 30. According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump by slightly over 20,000 votes.
In the complaint, the Thomas More Society said that it is prohibited in Wisconsin for anybody to collect money to persuade a voter to vote, which is the main reason why the Zuckerberg-backed nonprofit gave money to the five municipalities.
State officials, many Republicans, have found no proof of substantial enough election fraud that could have swung the 2020 election. On the other hand, several states confessed that serious irregularities or illegal changes to election laws occurred in 2020.

State officials, including many in Republican-run states, have not reported finding evidence of fraud in the 2020 election that could have altered the outcome. However, several states have acknowledged serious improprieties or unlawful changes to election rules occurred in 2020.
The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has decided that election officials in Wisconsin illegally allowed tens of thousands of absentee voters to avoid voter ID checks by saying they were “indefinitely confined” by the pandemic without suffering from a disability. Wisconsin’s legislative audit office discovered several other regulation changes that were not approved by the state legislature.
None of this should never happen again.