Top Democrat’s Claim Debunked By CNN

CNN has criticized New York Democrat and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries for his dishonesty in saying he only vaguely remembered his uncle’s bigoted sentiments.

Contrary to Jeffries’ claim of a hazy memory, he backed Leonard Jeffries and Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, in an essay published by Binghamton University.

In a letter sent in February 1992, Jeffries defended his uncle and Farrakhan’s right to speak at the upstate New York university where he served as a Black Student Union executive board member.

In the early 1990s, Leonard Jeffries, a professor of Black Studies at the City University of New York, received widespread backlash for comments he made about a conspiracy programmed out of Hollywood by Jewish leaders.  Jeffries stated they were to blame for minimizing Black Americans in films and the involvement of wealthy Jews in the African slave trade. In 1992, he was dismissed. 

Farrakhan’s antisemitic rhetoric has made him a regular target of criticism.

A report reveals Hakeem Jeffries’s staff hurried to defend him after his comment about a hazy memory was discredited by critics.

Christiana Stephenson, a spokeswoman for Jeffries, said in a statement that Jeffries has made it clear he doesn’t share the beliefs advocated by his uncle.

According to CNN, not only did the editorial refute Jeffries’ assertion that he was unaware of his uncle’s antisemitic beliefs, but also viciously insulted Black conservatives by labeling them “House Negros.”

After learning that Hakeem Jeffries explained to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) a decade ago that he only had a vague recollection of his uncle, CNN revived his claims. Jeffries claimed that he did not know anything about him because he was away at college, protected from controversy by his parents, and lacked access to the Internet or a newspaper.

This is in addition to his supporting his uncle in an essay and the campus’s invitation to him and Farrakhan.

The Project 21 black leadership network members who speak for the black conservatives Jeffries has defamed believe he should face his comments and explain whether his thinking has changed now that he possesses tremendous authority in Washington.